Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Apparently the last time I was here was January 2012! (Things I love Foursquare for.)
So sad. And I love Taipei. But I am only here for the night. Touchdown at 9 last night, wake up call is in 8 hours. I don't even get the chance to walk around town.
Good thing there's a 7-11 next door... And I LOVE the 7-11 here!

They are so.. wholesome. You could actually get a complete meal from them.. Which is super awesome!

Anyway, I should be sleeping. We're flying back to KL in the afternoon then head to Jakarta!
Nothing much to tell you guys at the moment. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi!

Random things on my mind; I hope payday comes soon because I am itching to shop! Gahhh! Looking forward to the roster as well, Dida's excited to know if I'll be available to vote in the coming General Elections.
I am excited about my little get together with my favourite people once I get back from this trip. Also excited about watching Iron Man with Dida at the end of the month.

And something new, I'd ditched my Blackberry last Friday and is now a confused owner of an iPhone 5! I've got an Instagram account now.. Go figure!

Hope everyone is doing well.. 'Til next time, take care!


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