Thursday, May 09, 2013

Busy busy busy bee..

Feels like all I ever do is work these days. Yes, I do keep a mental note to be grateful to have a job, to be able to fly fulltime again..
But I also can't deny the fact that my entire body is aching! With the lack of sleep and everything, seriously.. I'm tired.

I am off to Kuching again today. I am always in Kuching this month! Kinda wish that there would be something different in my roster but I keep getting different set of crew so at least the experience is different each time.

Let's see, what have you missed?
Nothing much really. I was in Hong Kong for a bit last week. Didn't shop as much as when I was there last. There wasn't any sale, plus I had JUST been there two months ago! I didn't even get to spend all the HK$ that I'd brought.
For what ever reason, that upsets me the most! Hahahahha! I sound like a total shopaholic.

I also had a little exchange with FabulousMiss.. Excuse me, FabulousMrs while we were both in BKI on a separate layover.

Anyway, nothing much really.. I'll write more if I think of something! 


Anonymous said...

yearly exam kan..
reactivated my twitter acc jus now havin second tot so delete it back..i dulu ingat ni..."pass I keep my job,,fail I get tank u leter" ure in flight crew now?gud luck fer yer exam...

Suzy Effendi said...

tahniah sbb dh full time fly balek :D

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