Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Smudge, do something!

heeheeheeee. *waves back!*
Oh I don't know.. I'm having roller coaster days apparently. I am still the rare mix of an easily amused, sarcastic cynic so that is probably why I am always on the roller coaster. At least that's my theory! (and you know how I get fired up over theories!)

I got my football fix today with Manchester United's Asian Tour when they played against Urawa Reds in Saitama, Japan. I thought the match was pretty good!
Proves that Van De Sar is absolutely.. truly a knob but I already know that, so no surprise there! The match ended with both teams scoring twice. The Urawa team was pretty good! I mean, I'd hate to imagine how a Malaysian team would (not) score against the Red Devils.
Okay, that's probably mean.. to put down my own country's capability and not showing too much faith on them. Especially since this year marks the 50th year of our independence--

Well, in my defense..
Tunku Abdul Rahman was a fairly intellegent person; thus making it possible for us to enjoy freedom without having our parents going into war to achieve them. He went to London and had a negotiation with the British government about giving us our independence. So on August 31st 1957, we celebrated our independence day!
Of course, not going to war means that most of us doesn't really know and appreciate the true meaning of independence and people (I'm partly included, unfortunately) to easily look up on any other country but our own in certain things, but aah~ that is a different story so I'd rather not write about it now.

What I'm trying to say actually is that I have an unexplainable need to be fair (ala ala intellegent gitu?) so I find it crucial to admit it when we are doing baad!
That and that I also say things without really thinking all the time. ahhahahaha! I find it hard to keep track on what I'm saying when I'm so easily bored that I don't even THINK about just ONE thing at one time.

Like now.
I totally forgot what I had planned on saying right before I started this entry. shoot!


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