Monday, July 23, 2007

Ah.. no wonder Jo cried...

I've finally finished it!
Finally finished reading the book around half past five today. A little slow than I usually would've but I was greatly distracted by one too many things.

First, there were the shots of pain in my legs that I'd like to think that they weren't too different from the constant blinding pain Harry gets when Voldemort is feeling evil. heh! Of course, mine was self inflicted. I ran too many steps and in circles without any warming-up and so I pulled a couple of muscles that I haven't discovered before.
It was terrible. I can barely sleep as it is and the pain kept waking me up, yet I can't lie that somehow it amuses me.

Then.. there's television.
I can't remember how many times I've seen Independence Day before but I just couldn't tear my eyes away when it's on! It's really frustrating when I need my eyes to READ!
Of course, there was also the European Grand Prix which I find very amusing! The on and off rain was exciting and hilarious at the same time. Especially that one time when FIVE cars skidded off that first corner and hang out altogether. hahha! (Of course, nobody was hurt or it wouldn't be that funny.)

Okay! Now on to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.
After reading all 607-pages of it.. I find The Prince's Tale is the best chapter in the entire book! At least, it's my utmost favourite. It was just.. too romantic and I just can't help invisibly offer my heart to the Prince. He was.. braver that I've ever thought he was. So loyal.. and quite pitiful actually but I suppose my heart always go to characters such as him.
By the way, I don't know why I'm saying this considering that if I need to say it, you probably don't read the book and may not even know what I mean, but I'm saying it anyway; the Prince in question is non other than the Half-Blood Prince. Ahh.. man. I feel bad for misunderstanding him for the past 6 years.. (whoops?)

The book was quite slow actually. I actually hated disliked it 'til I get to the final quarter of the book. It was just too slow! Too many information to process but it was just too.. dull. It didn't matter how fast I tried to read but it was just.. really really slow.
But there were parts that had me really spooked that I made an involuntary twitch and decided to put the book away for a bit! hahha! I know.. that was just too dramatic but it is the absolute truth. I imagined that this one could turn out to be one really awesome summer blockbuster in a couple of years! hahha! Seriously. I think everyone will definitely get a kick out of it.

Also I must admit that it got me to cry.. once. I can't remember which part since there were too many times where I got stuck in a paragraph and gaped in shock and grief. Probably too many people died in this book. Too many that I hadn't expected -- that I hadn't foresee and prepared for. Just thinking about those characters is making me upset. geez! Why did Rowling had to kill-- (heh! Don't worry, no spoilers here.)
Some bits and parts of my predictions came true though. I don't know if I'm proud of it. Probably not. I mostly feel like casting a spell on one person and it deflected to someone else instead. (heh!)

It was an awesome book, and a great ending. Rowling did a brilliant job and I feel blessed to have jumped on the train to the magical world of her words.
Also.. blessed that I had won my copy of the book! I couldn't quite imagine a better ending than that, no matter what those loser guys behind us said. It is definitely NOT our fault that we managed to use our wits a little better than them. Very Griffindor-like I must say. hahhahaha!
The funniest thing is that everybody in my home finds it amusing that we pulled it off. Nina particularly was quite proud of my plans and our preparations. Especially at my cool-headedness at certain critical situations. hahhahha!
Like I said, Fred and George would've been very proud.

I am.. honestly and whole-heartedly glad that WE had done it. Two Centaurs and a Fish. Not exactly a Lion with a Fish and a Virgin but hey.. we pulled it off!
So, thank God!!

Cheers everyone!
Happy days ahead.


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