Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Dear stranger,

You know, if you're going to reload/refresh my page for 20 times, the least you could do is leave me a message and introduce yourself! I'd love to know why the keen interest. heehee.
I'd really.. reaaally appreciate it.


Been listening to I Will by The Beatles. It sounds like a love song but I can't help feeling slightly saddened by the words. heh! Maybe it just doesn't sound too happy in my ears.
I've uploaded the song on my LL if you'd care to listen. Haven't got the chance to upload the video I promised yesterday though. I can't seem to cut it quite right somehow. *knocks head with knuckles*

Oh, I'm also listening to Time After Time by Quietdrive. I think it's really cute that a guy remakes this song. It's like.. seeing guys in a pink shirt; you'd HAVE to look twice, and in this case.. listen to it a couple more times.


islandgirl4ever2 said...

Hello there! I agree!!! People can have the decency to leave a comment if they are going to come by and visit!! hehehehe!!! I hope you are having a nice day!! Thanks for coming by MY blog and leaving a comment, too!! I hope your weather is better than ours! It is gray, rainy and COLD here in France... about 59 F today! UGGGH!!! I am WAITING for the summer!!! ---Leesa

Monkey's Bunny said...

LOL! and I'm wishing there was more rain and cloudy over here! it's TOO HOT for my own liking. we appreciate cool weather over here since it's practically summer all year round.
blah~ it's unexciting.

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