Thursday, July 12, 2007

I'm convinced..

I definitely have a kooky set of friends.

I'm sorry.. it's either this or I'll write something about how I feel like in a constant limbo or how I feel about painting my own nails. The nails are a bit too silly and talking about limbo is probably too morbid for this morn.
My last entry was last Tuesday and I feel obligated to have a new entry up right about now.

Probably quirky characters attracts other quirky people.
I won't blame myself for becoming me; my family are pretty odd themselves. My dad for instance, looks forward to Wednesdays because it's the day when he makes himself two half boiled eggs (his favourite food) for breakfast. When I asked why not make them for everyday, he said "those days aren't Wednesday".
Dida on the other hand, forbids anyone to fold her laundry because she has her own standards. Plus, she have a song for everything like when Izzati was a baby, she smiled really "sweet" so Dida started singing "Manis manis manis..." Well, there was more.
And there is more but I don't think I need to prove everything right here and now.

Well, to rationalize it.. I think I only keep the friends who are quirky. You know, people who are capable of amusing me even without them really saying anything particularly funny. Although they are not required to be goofy on purpose. I hardly find spastic jokes funny anyway. Wit, word plays, pun.. that's my kind of thing. In humour at least. I think I'm missing the real subject here.

So.. hmm.. to my friends whom I don't call anymore, I probably think that you're no longer funny. Or quirky.
Except you Azraai. I never call (or let you call, hahha!!) but I think you're really amusing. Okay, that's an overstatement. You're pretty amusing, pet!

I should get some sleep now.
I'm meeting up a freak later today!


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