Thursday, July 19, 2007

I am pro-Posh!

I just saw Victoria Beckham Coming To America and I just can't help reaally liking her! She's really funny!! Of course, she would probably prefer people saying that she's prettier than funny (if you've seen the show, you'd understand) but she was really.. really funny!
Some parts just made me laugh out loud.

I've always liked David Beckham for his fotball talents but I've also been indifferent with Victoria for just as long. I mean, I can't really like people whom I know nothing about, and now after I've seen the show I just have to admit that I am definitely, pro-Posh!
I just found out she's an Aries. I find most of them likable actually. (I said most -- I have met a crappy one.)

Been writing a lot because I needed to fill in the time.
It's either write or think of crappy stuff.. or letting myself be the victim of my own hypochondria -- I just had the sudden urge to look up on Cardiomyopathy, believe it or not!

I've also decided to create a new avatar for my Yahoo! Messenger earlier so I could postpone writing this entry. hahha!
I'm extremely proud of the shirt despite that it was strictly a product for my own amusements. And my hair isn't nearly that long. *giggle* The limbs looks horrible though. I'm just pathetic when it comes to drawing limbs.
Alright, that's it!
I believe I'll see you soon! *manic laugh*


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