Friday, June 29, 2007

More shite coming your way.

I am really.. tired of being myself.

Maybe if I could trade my drawing and singing skills for a bit more focus. Maybe if my blog design is more mundane so I could write better. Maybe if my nose is flatter so my thoughts are brighter. Maybe if I was shorter and I'd be happier.

Why make me the "Jack of all trades" when I am brilliant at nothing at all?
I'd be more than willing to give up all that I can give up if I could be good at the one thing that matters to me.
Am I willing to give up my soul? Probably not, but I might change my mind tomorrow.

sigh. And why the heck am I interested in things that the average people aren't interested in. And why.. tell me why do I barely have anything good to say about myself? And most importantly, why do I keep asking these questions when I know there is noone out there who could help me answer them anyway!


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