Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I think this is cool..

I just played around at Meez.com, creating my own "3D ID" and I must admit.. I liked it! hahhaha! Of course, it reminds me of The Sims, so of course I'd like it!!
Anyway, it's like a 3D version of Yahoo! Avatars so if you like those paper-dolls kind of stuff, you'd definitely like this. (Yes, I like those paper-dolls kind of stuff.)

First, you will need to have Firefox or IE 7.0 because unfortunately, when I use Opera or IE 6.0, it says "browser configuration is not compatible with the Meez site." sheesh!

So anyway, then you can start creating your Meez! After you're done creating the 3D-person that you like, you can add on some animation and background to it. Now, I would recommend trying some dance moves; try Krumping or the Thriller Dance. It's a riot!
Once you're done and registered with the site, you can export your Meez and show it off like so;



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