Friday, June 08, 2007

The little things..

I'm thankful for---

1. that I don't have any allergies to any food group. Don't have to miss out on peanuts.. not a single problem with pollens or even dairies! (Of course, I don't recall ever being stung by a bee.. so hopefully I won't have a problem with that!) I do have an allergy to a kind of antibiotic which I find it ironic since antibiotics are meant to be good -- there was one time when a doctor gave me the wrong thing, she made me take another pill to cancel out the previous antibiotic and gave another one that I'm not allergic to. That wasn't fun.

2. despite that I have a pretty complicated family situation (which you may never see or hear in real life and would make you think that I'm just being overly dramatic), those people are who they are and good enough to let me be me.

3. I was endowed with a pretty good head above my shoulders. Also a sense of humour, even though they seem to find their way through some really weird.. improper situations.

4. I'm thankful that I've never been in a relationship with a musician.. or a writer! I mean.. love letters, songs or poems are fine but man, I would be in SO - MUCH trouble during the fights or break ups! yikes! I shudder at the thought of being written as a three-legged-monster. Honestly, I'm not a musician myself but I once wrote a pop-punk song at 2 am just because I was pissed at my mom! hahhahaha!!

5. I've at least experienced some reaaally fun times with some crazy people whom I had called friends during my lifetime..
Here's to the past which shall remain.. in the past. (You might get a kick out of this Bahijah & Anaa!) This is by a band called Chemistry. *wink* ahhahahah!!!

Okay. I should go to sleep or something. It's just wrong to laugh by yourself in the middle of the night.


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