Tuesday, June 19, 2007

You're making me gush..

and I feel quite silly about it, thanks!

After listening to both men throughout the day, I take back what I said yesterday.. Ross Copperman does NOT really sound like James Morrison. hahhahha!! I'm sorry.. I've been saying how silly it is to read my old entries where I laugh all suddenly when there is nothing exceptionally funny going on, but it's my inner-voice.. it's funny, I just can't help myself.
Aaanyway-- Ross Copperman's songs has more beats. A little more pop than soul but equally British-influenced. I swear there is this one Ross' song that reminds me of Take That!

I was driving around with Dida earlier and I said something to her that made her acknowledge that I am not normal after all.. haha! Well, that took her a while!
We talked about a bunch of stuff but right now I can't get over the time she said that I have "kening garang" (fearsome eyebrows). AHAHHAHA!! Funniest thing I've heard today, that's for sure! I was telling her the stuff that Bahijah told Ana and I about her friend; how he tagged me as the kind of person who would only be attracted to looks. pshh!! Anyway, Dida was commenting on my looks at that time and that's how it came to my eyebrows.
(By the way, me.. attracted to looks -- not true!)

That's it for now. I honestly ran out of things to write; not even a psycho-babble!
Ohh, that new picture on the top right is Farhana after Dida asked her to smile last Wednesday. hihi. Funny kid.

edited on 6:12 AM, June 19th 2007.
Damn, I missed the 3rd and final WOMBAT!!


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