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heeheeheee. I know, I knoww.. I don't even have a single drop of English blood in my body but man I'm PROUD! I honestly feel that this is the best England team that I have yet seen. I am purely... in delirium. (Yes, I also know that we didn't exactly win..)

Beckham simply proved that he belongs in the team. (again.. IN YOUR FACE, McCLAREN!! What was he thinking when he listed out Beckham anyway!) Indispensible. Irreplaceable. I loved the reference the commentator had made; how the old captain giving the ball to the current captain. Pure brilliance as Terry scored the goal.

Of course, this was only a friendly game, but you can't blame me for really.. really looking at the performances.
Gerrard was also.. brilliant! Is it just me.. or he did seem a bit more fiesty? hahha! Well, he's still an awesome footballer even though he spits a lot. AHHAHAHA!! (I still find things amusing even after that silly Brazillian goal, apparently.)
Smudge was a bit sleepy though. Not literally-sleepy, but he didn't do much which disappoints me a bit. Especially when he got benched.. sigh. But then again, half the team was substituted after the hour mark. Cole, Owen, Terry, Beckham.. which I believe is the reason why Brazil got that goal anyway.

I just wish...... nevermind..

I'm excited. Looking forward to Thursday's Euro Qualifier match.
Okay, now I can have my rest. I was sleepy a minute ago but I just couldn't (or wouldn't) sleep until I get all these out. Typically me.
Have a good weekend, everyone!


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