Monday, June 04, 2007

Only in dreams.

Dida had the day off and decided to spend it with me... heeheehee.
So we did nothing much; got out around noon and couldn't decide where we should get our lunch. We ended up in Alamanda somehow.. having awesome, yet very expensive food at Manhattan Fish Market. (saye pisau cukur.. I get it.)

We went through the new SMART tunnel on our way back. I thought it was cool.. felt like a ride of some sort (it was looong!) but, the road in there was waay uneven! That just spoils the whole thing, I think!
We picked our mom from work and had dinner at Chicken Rice shop in Tesco, Shah Alam. ahahhaha!! Obviously Dida shouldn't take too many off days or I'll become even more wide than I already am. (Just for notes, I have a piece of cheese cake in the fridge, waiting.)

I'm loving Undiscovered even more now that I've found out yesterday that it sounds good on the open road. Absolutely perfect. I'm believing that it's actually my kind of music, instead of the usual angst-ridden pop/punk/rock that I've gotten used to listen to.

I'm still thinking about what Ana had said about an old friend some days ago. I suppose I just haven't ever thought of it that way. I suppose I just forget things when I get upset. Brush it off -- brush everything off.

Dida was surprised when I told her the stuff I've thought about when I was 8. I think I've surprised her a lot this year...
Then she came up with a theory about me. She said (and I'm paraphrasing so it'd sound nicer) that my heart is too bruised for anyone to actually hurt me; that unless a person finds a new thing/subject to attack me with, there would be no way it could upset me. Go ahead and hurt me, see if I care. hahhahha! I'm not going to comment on that.

Okay, now to the big thing that happened to me today.
I... had a bad dream! hahahha! Well, it's kind of cruel actually. Never had that kind of dream before so this is.. a whole new thing.
I dreamt that I have a boyfriend and I kept sensing that he has a thing for my friend. I confronted him about it and he was obviously saddened that I found out. He pulled me in a hug and said he was sorry. He loves and adores me but he also loves my friend. Then he had the nerve of asking me not to let him go and run away, knowing me too well that I usually would. hahhahahaha!!
Now tell me that that isn't a cruel kind of dream!

It bugs me that my dreams had always seem like a telenovela..

Ohh, then there's this. blablablaaa... CSI: NY is on!
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