Saturday, June 02, 2007

me - need - rest!

I am.. looking forward to a good sleep---
after tonight's football match, of course.

Had another busy day today.
I met up with Dayat in Midvalley (yawn) for lunch and a chat. So that's a whole afternoon spent. It's almost shocking that the last time I saw her was last year!! hahhaha! We are such good friends. heehee. I think that's my pattern in friends. We rarely miss each other but when we're needed, we'll be there. Right? *looks around expecting approval from those friends*
Cik Dayat and I (and crazy ducks!)Afterwards I took the commuter (curses!) for a rendezvous with Bahijah, Ana, Ilsa and his brother Ilmi to catch Shrek 3! JK was evil! ahhahaha! ("Support The Office's casts", CHECK for two!) We had supper afterwards.Ana, Ilsa, Bahijah & IlmiQuite a short entry. Just couldn't bring myself to elaborate more.
Ohh, I bought myself a book today. It wasn't on my "to read" list but I just couldn't help myself; I'm geeky like that.
"A feeling, for which I have no name, has taken possession of my soul - a sensation which will admit of no analysis, to which the lessons of bygone time are inadequate, and for which I fear futurity itself will offer me no key. To a mind constituted like my own, the latter consideration is an evil. I shall never - I know that I shall never - be satisfied with regard to the nature of my conceptions. Yet it is not wonderful that these conceptions are indefinite, since they have their origin in sources so utterly novel.
A new sense - a new entity is added to my soul."

--Edgar Allan Poe, MS. Found in a Bottle


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