Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Excuse me..

Do you think I have talked enough of James Morrison?
I surely don't feel so!! ahhahaha!!

I just spent my afternoon on YouTube, watching his webisodes from #1 through #18 and it keeps getting me more and more impressed! I mean, duuuude! The way he just strums his guitar! Most parts he just sat around and talked to the camera with his hands on his guitar, just strumming and singing around but sounding BRILLIANT at the same time! He sounds reaaally amazing by the way. (Do I need to say it again?)

There is this one where he sang Stevie Wonder's song and he sounded.. (let's say it with me now,) AMAZING!! (It's Webisode #4.)
God, can he be any more dreamy???? Okay, I don't really dream about him since I have somebody else in mind but James here is an EXCELLENT musician and I can't seem to stress upon it enough! The lyrics.. the tunes.. I can't believe I'm still listening to the entire album, day and night for two weeks straight!

Aah~ obviously I am just not over the brilliance of this lad.
Go listen to him now!


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