Saturday, June 16, 2007

Aaaaaa!!! Sungguh fuck bangang!!!!!

Look, it's damn obvious that I can't play my guitar very well.. but now I can never be able to!! Daaaammmnnniiittt!!!!!
I can't quite point the finger if I am more sad or angry! Damn upset for sure!! (goes which ever way.)

Sia sianye rase haritu tune. Sia sia rase semangat/excited mase tune walaupon ketakutan. arghh!! curses!!!!!

And I'm trying to find an 'angry' song to relate to but all I get stuck with is James' Call The Police! arghhhhh!!!!!

Call the police, coz I've lost control and I really want to see you bleed

Yeah.. the line seems kind of dark but honestly.. the whole song sounds like pussy to how I'm actually feeling.

And the lack of sleep is making me spend twice as much time to type these out. The layout should look okay on Opera now. If you're using Safari or Firefox or what ever there is out there and my blog still looks crap, screw you!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Gitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! :((

edited on 11:36 AM, June 16th 2007.
I am feeling better now. Obviously time heals everything.


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