Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Just a couple of things..

Tell me this isn't funny;
Penitentiary III, An unjustly jailed man is sent to prison and is forced to fight the prison's worst killer - a vicious midget martial arts expert.

ahahhaha! That's the movie HBO is showing right now -- and NO, I am NOT watching it. I'm just having a laugh at the description. I fear that if I do watch it, my IQ would drop immensely.

I just sent another menacing message to the unfortunate fella whom I've mentioned sometime last week. I can't help myself, it's too easy!
Here's what he wrote on May 30th; emm.its only fofr you la ma dear (referring to the 'luv', I believe)....ell...can i ask you out please....ok this is ma number 0163541479...hope you do message me...thenk you.....heheheheheh.....
I refused to reply.. then he wrote this; hi why no reply from you....marah ke...i really like to noe you...

hahhahha! "Marah ke.." I honestly can't get enough of that. (To laugh at sarcastically, of course!) So I finally replied;
look, here's the deal.
i'm not trying to be a jerk or deliberately acting like an ass. but honestly, i reaaally don't like the way you've approached me. my sister may not be harsh and still diplomatic, unlike me, but obviously i'm not her and you're completely mistaken if you expect me to be as nice and friendly as her. i am, as you can see.. very blunt and tactless.

saye tak marah, on the contrary.. i just don't care enough to know you.

See, I don't lie on my profile. Everyone should've read it at least once, so I don't get why anyone still thinks I would by any chance, be nice to silliness from strangers.
And yeah, I was actually being an ass on purpose! hahhahahahha!!

1:18 PM, June 6th 2007.
He finally.. gets it. Sort of.


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