Thursday, June 07, 2007

aaahhh-- damn!

Dida asked me a totally unrelated, unimportant, yet thought provoking question of this month. (haha! yeah, I'm cheating.. it's only been 7 days.)

So I looked up for the answer on the trusty internet.. and even though I've sort of expected it, I got myself slightly heartbroken. Okay, maybe not as slight as I hope it had since I was hoping I could laugh about it, but all I feel like doing right now is give myself a kick in the shins.

Maybe.. it's a sign. It could be a sign since though I expected it, I really wasn't prepared for it and it never showed up through the time had passed. AND THEN!
Whaddya know.. there it was.. Looking as it did.
HAHHAHAHHA!! I am an idiot with lame metaphors.

Okay.. anyway! Maybe I should tweak my hopes and dreams so making them a reality wouldn't be too hard. heeheeeee. But for the time being, I need to sleep and forget.

Cheers for England! yeahh! Beckham was indeed, sensational!


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