Thursday, June 28, 2007

A jumble of nothing.

I am officially hating this.
NOT life.. just this.
And I'm still doing it.

Yeah, I'm speaking in codes.

5:57 PM
Is it possible that the truth is overrated? I hate to believe so.. I wouldn't know what to hold on to if honesty is in truth, a bunch of lies.

I have this friend.. whom I've never lied to. He's a really good friend of mine and if anything is bugging me, I know it in my core that he would be there for me if he could. He is the kind of guy that you want to run to, anyway and we're the kind of friends who tell each other stuff even when they're so unrelated and unimportant.

So I have this one thing that I feel like telling him but I don't know.. could the truth be too much? Honestly, just typing this out actually feels silly now.
Forget it. The truth CAN be overrated sometimes.

3:56 PM
mengade punye pompuan..
ye yee laa aku call balek pastu kau kate "never mind".

I don't know what God is saying about that now.
But give me a second; I have a theory: He just wants to remind me that I should be doing something or at least act like it -- which led me to read off Craig's List!

Hmm.. I keep mentioning God lately, haven't I?


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