Thursday, May 31, 2007

Under The Influence.

Quite right, man.

Today is Picnic Day!! hahhaha! Really excited.
Of course.. I will need a bit of sleep before morning.


Picnic Daay!
I'm pooped!
The day was great! A day very well spent, I'd say! I headed out in the wee morning and met up with the girls around 8am. We ate.. not as much as we've brought along unfortunately! But it's only our first time so -- lesson learnt! Also.. note to self; next time, someone should bring some insect repellent! ahahhaha!

We had quite the spread.. mac and cheese, nuggets, salad, punch! also.. some serious junkfood that we can't seem to touch. ahhahaha! Talk about enthusiastic!
We took dozens of photos, ran around, jumped about.. and left our spot at 2!! (Only because the rain had seemed to start to fall-- but cancelled itself as we got into the car! Sneaky.)

Then we drove off to Midvalley where we sat and talked at Coffee Bean for THREE (possibly four) hours! Now when I try to remember it.. how is it possible for a small group of people to sit and talk for a straight 11 hours is beyond me! ahhahahaha!
Anyway, as I was trying to distract myself from sleeping on the train back home (I only had 3 hours of sleep the night before), I typically drew stuff on my hand.. and the lady next to me asked, "are you an architect?" ahhahaha!! Of course, I didn't laugh at her face, but you've got to admit, it was kind of funny. I told her that it's just some doodling. She said that even though it's a doodle, it looked good -- and even suggested that I could make money from drawing mehndis! (insert another laugh here.)
Architect? Honestly!Okay, I'm sort of freaking out now.. I just took off my watch..... AHHAHAHA!!yiiikesss!!


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