Monday, May 21, 2007

--And I really do.

Really really like James Morrison's album!
Really really my kind of music.. in more ways than one.

My sister and I went to see Blades Of Glory last night. Really enjoyed it! It was really funny, and not just the spastic-jokes kind of way. The word-plays were also hilarious.
So.. "Support The Office's casts", CHECK for one!

When we got home, I had a nice time with Dida and Mama laughing like crazy women past midnight. (Papa was already asleep.) We were actually tumbling the things around the house to look for the things that Dida and I had lost, (ie. bras, belts, keys..) and probably it was the endorphins.. Got us to a good mood in the midst of the frustration somehow.

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Don't I know it? heh.
'Cause even when I still laugh remembering about the comics in the movie last night, I still feel a dark cloud hovering inside. geez.
If only my own head isn't too complicated.. (Then I wouldn't be me, yeah?)

Listening to 04 over and over.


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