Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am a closed paperback.

Hello dear friend,
I haven't said much about 'myself' lately, have I?
I guess I am changed. I've become emotionally unavailable somehow.. even more than I usually was.
Ah well.. do you really care to know? Even I don't care about myself at most times.

Moving on.. I went to see Spider-man 3 tonight! I have to say.. it was long - and I felt it. There were too many characters and I find it hard to focus on any emotion. It felt like they're trying to cram too many things in 2 and a half hours, and boy I hate being rushed.
But you must know, it wasn't a bad film. I suppose I'm just too fond of the second one. Really.. this third installment was alright. I kinda like the fact that it's a bit sad. I won't spoil it (much) to those who haven't seen it but I have to say this.. Ohh James Franco!! Your beautiful face! *sigh*

Also, I finally get to see this week's Gilmore Girls. Just for notes, the show is getting cancelled at the end of their current 7th season. It's sad, no more Lorelais.
Anyway, this week's episode was.. I don't know how to describe it but the part with Lorelai singing on the karaoke.. almost made me cry. She was.. Accidentally vulnerable there. Awesome.

Okay. That's it for tonight. Trying to get that song Mary-Jane sang at the jazz club in the end of Spidey-movie but I couldn't find her version anywhere so I'll just have to settle with Diana Krall.
Not feeling too good actually.


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