Sunday, May 20, 2007

Can you see the smoke coming out of my ears?

(I sound like a Fallout Boy song title.)

Damn, we lost.
That was one of the most boring.. annoying.. frustrating.. disappointing games I've ever witnessed.
Damn, I hate that I care so much. Stupid. Stupid. arrghh!
Eff it!!

Happy thoughts.. happy thoughts..
I swear, my ears are ringing from the heat that is building up.
Also.. must - remember - to - breathe.
It just SUCKS that the linesmen didn't see Giggs' goal. Damn frustrating! Okay, they were playing pretty lousy the entire night but even I felt put off when their goal wasn't called. NO DAMN FAIR!! *grunts*

I should try harder thinking about happy thoughts..

The upside to this whole thing.
The moment Alan Smith came in to the pitch, Dida said, "Wanie look, your friend is coming in," AHHAHAHAHA!! I swear.. that was the highlight of my night. heehee.

Oh, in case I ever need the reference, Mila became the first female winner of Akademi Fantasia. Finally, a girl -- not that I care. Dida's the one who kept changing the channels.

I should probably watch The Office again now.
I feel the dire need to grin and giggle.
Try harder next year, United-honey! I still love you. (Unfortunately. hahha!)


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