Friday, May 18, 2007


I am going to write this in one possibly long paragraph so you'll have the impression that I am saying this in one go -- okay, not in one breath; several breath, many lines, one go. Starts now-- I had a mildly amusing day, starting last night when I rediscovered the number 14.. reminded how silly I can be when I found a fairly new crush.. brushed up on my pop culture by flipping the tv channel between Rosemary's Baby and the 1990's version of Night Of The Living Dead; which I liked because the zombies were slow and human prevails! There is hope yet for us.. Later I did another quiz on Tickle and found out that I have a "Balanced-brain" without any obvious dominant side; which sounded almost cool for the fact that I can be romantic, rationally. hahha! But it also means that I can be prone to indecisiveness -- which is VERY true. Guess you just CAN'T have everything. (O God, o God please show me otherwise! ahhahahah!) Then I finally got to see this week's Heroes, House and Gilmore Girls. God! Gilmore Girls.. I can't believe it's ended!! Arrghh! Such a good episode but so saaad!! Still can't believe it got canned. Oh, good episode on House as well, but my feelings for Gilmore Girls are obviously over-powering it. Lots of shows' season finale are on this week and next week. Hope they'll be reaaally good to keep me sustained for their break 'til fall. Ooh~ did anyone notice that the weather is still pretty cold in Europe?? 15ºC in Amsterdam! What the heck is that? It's May! It's supposed to be summer! I'm telling you man, global warming is not a myth. It's really happening just you won't see it until you want to see it! In this case, ignorance isn't bliss, my friends. I just hope that there won't be any sudden heat waves like last year. The thought of people dying because of the heat is just too horrible. On a different note, I must say again that I miss Europe. I miss the clothes (H&M!!!), I miss the trams, I miss the languages that I don't understand, I miss being useful; even just a little bit, and I miss hanging out with my sister since she's been out every night this week that I barely see her for two hours collectively. You see, me and both my sisters.. we have a system. We are a system. We rely on each other to vent about our parents. I know.. I know.. that may sound mean to you but that's just how we are. So being stuck here, alone.. again is making me go bonkers! God, this is not exactly a good week!! I'm shutting up now. I DO realize people have lives and they especially don't need to listen to me vent. See! There I go again. I can imagine exactly what Dida and Alia would say to my thoughts right now.. Geez, I need to control this psychological bursts. But right now, I need to pee.

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