Monday, May 14, 2007

Oh no..

Hollywood is remaking Hong Kong's The Eye, set to be released in October.
Man, can't they just leave other people's films as it is? Why do they have to remake every single thing??

Sure, I'll probably see it anyway since it's quite apparent that I'm an avid movie-goer, plus Jessica Alba is playing the lead role. But the thought that they're remaking yet another Asian horror film is just.. *snore* Find a new idea already!! Geez!

In a way, I am quite anxious to see how it'll turn out. The Eye scared the crap outta me but it stands still.. one of my favourite horror films. (That, and Shutter! Awesome stuff.)
I hope it doesn't turn out like the other remakes. Hollywood's version of The Ring was alright, but The Ring 2.. bluerghh. Also, Ju-On (The Grudge.. and the second one). yeech!
Although.. if there is any chance I could suggest something that could probably use a little Hollywood touch.. Battle Royale!! ahhahaha!! That would be AWESOME!! (Yes, I'm a little dark sometimes.)

Haven't got anything else to share. Of course I did some stuff today but it's hardly worth writing about.
I need to get a move on.


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