Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Just so you know..

Words.. (or the lack of it) are severely judged by me.
I can't help it, but I am extremely judgemental towards people who ticks me the wrong way on their first impression.

Also, the improper use of "love" will be punished. All tact will be thrown out of the window.. there will be no holding back of my sarcasm.

For instance, I just received a Friendster message from this guy whom had only wrote me once before. (And asked for my number, the nerve of him!) The second time he wrote me, although he was sorry for asking my number.. the text was full of grammatical errors, typos AND my name misspelled! (Ooh, I just can't have that!) Furthermore, he ended the message with luv.
So here's how I wrote him back;

luv? do u write that to everyone u just got to know, or it just don't mean anything to u so u write it as often as u can?
just wondering.

sigh. See.. I wasn't supposed to miss the thing that I missed last night. Now I'm just plain pissy.


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