Saturday, May 12, 2007

From zombies to.. zombies.

In The House - In A Heartbeat
(this song is pure brilliant, I'm telling you!)

Went to see 28 Weeks Later.
Unlike Alia, instead of being scared by the end of the movie, I left the cinema feeling sad -- as always. I know that's unnatural, but I do. Every single time after seeing a film about zombies; be it Resident Evil (one or two.. Number three is coming out soon in September!) or Dawn Of The Dead or Land Of The Dead.. I just feel sad. (An obvious exception to Shaun Of The Dead -- man, I love that one!)
I honestly think that if any of the ones I care turned into a zombie, I'd just let them bite me. Obviously normal-human are too weak to fight them off so let's just join them! Plus, I wouldn't have to beat myself up for having to consider whether I should or shouldn't smack either of my sisters with a hammer in the head.
I know, I know.. I'm romanticizing, I know. I don't think I could ever be logic if I was faced with a decision such as that.

Okay, maybe it'll never happen, but who knows? Scientists are playing around with human DNA and "accidents" happen. So, if God-willing.. that could be one way to end the world!
ahahhaha! Don't I sound morbid.

I'm trying my best not to start another psychotic-burst like yesterday so I think I'll go ahead and yap about movies that I'd recently saw.

The Invincible, starring Mark Wahlberg was very Disney. I said I wanted to see it, so I did. I can't remember what I'd wanted to say right after I saw it but I know I liked it. But then, how can anyone hate a Disney movie? (I saw Robots a few nights ago.. I loved it! Wait.. that's not from Disney! Well, I mean.. you can't possibly hate heart-warming-fuzzy-feeling sort of story, can you?)

"The Era of Procrastination, of Half-Measures, of Soothing and Baffling Expedients, of Delays is coming to it's Close. In it's place we are entering a Period of Concequences."
Churchill said that in 1936 and Al Gore had smartly used it in relation to his presentation in An Unconvenient Truth.
Please watch this one. Everyone should be informed and concerned about Global Warming. Nobody wins from your ignorance.

What else? The Ex. Feel free to avoid this. It's one o'those romantic comedies that annoys you by the weak lead character and the supremely evil 'villain'. Err.. you probably don't know what that means, but it's easy to say that.. it's not that funny, and incredibly predictable. yeech!
Trust The Man was alright. I don't know. There are some parts that made me think but most parts are pretty forgettable.

I'm going to see Thank You For Smoking next. Also London and Perfume but I'm not in any hurry to see them somehow. Maybe I'll bore you again with my thoughts after that.


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