Sunday, May 27, 2007


That was one heck of a long day!

Dida and I went to Low Yatt earlier today. I don't know why but she called me around 10 from her office and suddenly talked about upgrading her laptop.. She had wanted a working Bluetooth for what ever reason..

So she picked me up right after her work and to KL we went. (Baaaad traffic!)
Dida got her Bluetooth now -- and an 80gig external hard disc.. a new headphone.. the RAM upgraded and an all-in-one printer! hahhaha! Also.. she got me a 1gig memory stick for my phone which is absolutely BRILLIANT for me and her as well; I no longer have any reason to pester her for an iPod! AHHAHAHAHA!
Dank u wel ne oneechan! Hontoni! hihihihi.
I can't stop grinning. I mean, come on! Imagine the difference from just 64meg to 1gig! AHAHHAHAHA!! (I am.. quite delirious.)

We got home around 8 and got a quick shower/change and headed back out to pick up Hannah and Ariff to catch Pirates of the Caribbean : At World's End. Eh.. what do I think about it?
Hmm.. probably you won't hear this a lot but I wasn't too keen with the whole thing. For one, it was too long, too slow and quite predictable. Maybe it's just me. I don't know.. probably I have this sixth-sense when it comes to tragic endings. I swear I'd thought of it by the end of the second film.. not exactly how it came together, but to the same result, yes.
Pshh! Yet it still bugs me. Can't stop thinking about it somehow.

We got home around 4. hahha!
I'm bored just reporting all this now.


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