Saturday, June 02, 2012

Shall we move on?

The email for the secondment to alQatariah is finally here.
After talks and just talks of it, it's now official..
Bestie is excited about it. He is certain that this is what he wants.

I on the other hand is making myself confused by thinking about it.
I don't want to seem disloyal but at the same time I am curious about what's on the other side. I've heard of the not-so-nice working and living environment but the pay seems good. I suppose there is no harm in applying, right? If I do get through the interviews, then maybe I'll think longer and harder about going.
I'm letting Future Wanie to figure that one out.
Wishing that I have a way to contact Saloma now...

#crewlife :)

I was sorting out the cabin when a passenger handed me that the other day. When I was done, my supervisor reminded me to call the person. I asked her how did she know since she was in the galley.
Apparently she'd overheard the person talking to his friend; hoping that I would call..
I must seem evil to have laughed at the idea.

Other than that, nothing much is going on. My emotions are a bit whacked these past few days to be honest. Could be hormonal, or maybe I'm just angry inside and just not talking about it.

Be well, dear readers.


s a L o m a said...

Aku amik MH flight on 27th bkk-kul. And totally impressed with the new interior of the new 737 :) cs kamalhisham rajin entertain aku. Hehe. And of course i left without empty handed. My bag was full with the MH souvenirs. Thanks for the hospitality ;)

P/s: dua crew kecik molek kat economy buat aku teringat kau :)

Monkey's Bunny said...

Adohai, segan aku mengingatkan souvenirs kitorang yang ntah ape tu..
And sape Kamalhisham pun aku tak kenal! hahahahhahha

Aimishu cik Saloma!

ps: if only lah aku kecik molek :P

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