Friday, October 26, 2012

48 hours..

Today is the third day I'm on the morning shift..
I've only slept for an average of three hours for the past three nights.
I am zombie-like.
And in dire need to pour my thoughts out after a mere twelve days of blog-fast.

A bunch of things happened the last 48 hours.
They're just.. TOO weird..

I went to Midvalley by myself on Wednesday. Encem had some adult-like things to do so I had to get back home on my own.
So I stood in line for a taxi and there were four people in front of me. A cab stopped and asked the first person where she was heading -- he wouldn't go there. He asked the second, he shook his head. Asked the third and said no. He looked at me and I told him my destination, he motioned to come in.

The taxi driver was a friendly guy, we chatted a bit.. and I couldn't remember how, but at one point I directed him to take a wrong path that led us into Maju Expressway (MEX). Yepp, it was 9pm and I was well on the way to the airport!! *screams*
I laughed it off, naturally. The driver laughed along with me and asked if I smoke to which I said yes. He then stopped at the emergency lane so I could switch place to the front seat and we both smoked as we drove along. As I watched the meter running, I thanked God that my payday was just the day before.
Had a really good chat with that guy. Sure, it was a pricey chat but I didn't really mind. I could still laugh about it and he found it odd that I could.

The next morning I was positioned to do Meet&Greet (M&G), which is a task where I had to meet up with passengers from the check-in counter and assist them to the lounge. (Some BS if you ask me, but it's a wonderful reason to play hookie!)
I had to assist this group of four to the lounge. I was kinda lousy at it but I somehow managed to have a little conversation with one of the ladies. Turns out they were travelling to get materials for her daughter's upcoming wedding. At the boarding gate, she dug her cabin bag and took out her iPad to show me the engagement pictures.
Oh and she tipped me, for some reason! The same amount that I paid for the taxi ride the previous night. hahahha! I was really glad for that.

Then somewhere along the day I was caught smoking where I shouldn't have smoked..
Good thing my ID wasn't confiscated!

Then I was asked to extend my hour to do an M&G of a VVIP (which is something that I truly hate!). ick! I really just hate doing VVIPs.. For one, I don't understand how they became all that IP. They're definitely not important to me.. and the protocols!! UGHHH!!

So I went along with it anyway. Plus, I had the coordinator with me!
I didn't have any trouble getting along with the officials.. talked about football and stuff. And then we were informed that the aircraft is delayed by an hour....
The coordinator asked me if I'd like to stay or head home. You think???

I walked away from the place so fast that I managed to catch the usual ERL train that I take.. Feeling oh-so-lucky to get away.
...but as I was 5 minutes away from my stop, the train stopped and the recorded announcement told us that we've stopped due to technical problems. The train driver/engineer(?) somehow came into the coach from outside and went into the driver's room right behind where I was seated with a colleague.
This colleague of mine somehow heard him saying "dead body" to another engineer.
I was skeptical, of course..

It took almost forty minutes for us to get back to the previous station and change trains. By the time we got to the point where we'd stopped earlier, the train slowed down and changed tracks. We were standing right next to a window so we saw it..

A black shoe.. A clump of pink.. half of a head.. tangled up body.. a foot.. and an arm.....

That's a horrible way to go.
A horrible thing to see.
Just horrible, really.

And now I'm home alone.. Two nights in a row! Truly hating it. But everybody got their lives, so.. let me just sulk here quietly as I try to cast away yesterday's image.
Having sleep-problems is just not helping!!


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