Thursday, May 03, 2012


Making acquaintances is easy.
But having a relationship requires work.
Or time.
You either work for it, adapt yourself to one another.. or just let it grow in time..
But then there's chemistry!
That's what I learn this past week. hehe

I had the awesome privilege of flying with this particular Leading that just makes work so enjoyable; the aircraft was our playground. We were joking, fooling around, laughing so much that even the tech crew stepped out just to see what's going on.
I got to see first-hand that laughter is indeed infectious.
And just how important it is for us crew to be happy -- to make the passengers happy. Truly.
I'm really all roses, candies and rainbows now. All the while I've been flying, I'd never laugh as much at work that I had to lean on the galley top for support several times.
So yeah, thank you God for throwing a Libra my way.

I also learnt that I could survive 3 sectors; 6 hours of work with barely 10 minutes of shut-eye! Not that I'd like to do it again anytime soon. It was nuts. Blurred vision, nodding off at landing.. nuts!
All because I was too immersed with a book.

And that's where the title for this blog entry came from.
I've finished reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I had to buy the third book in Kuching since everywhere I went in the Klang Valley is out of stock! grrr.. (RM5 more expensive than it would've cost in KL!)
I enjoyed reading the book. I was surprised how the film really was following close to the books and then found out that the adaptation was by the author herself. It's brilliant. I think all films that are adapted from the books should be made by the authors themselves.. given that they are still alive, of course.

I thought the books were a little too serious for a children's book. It was about war.. revolution.. and death.. not exactly something you discuss about with children, but it was good. Kinda hoping for more of Peeta though. Some things were left unexplained in the third installment, Mockingjay. I really wish there had been more of Peeta. haha

I can't help being all perasan that I'm Katniss and Encem's Peeta. Not on the bit where they fight the Capitol, but the fact that Katniss sangat hati batu and Peeta's the taman dalam hati type. And how Katniss is brash and always over-thinking things while Peeta seemed more collected and simple.
It's just totally us.
And yes, I know I get all emotional and stuff in this blog that I don't really seem like the hati batu type, but I guess you just have to really know me. heheee..

Anyway, two days off.. Don't know how to spend it yet. I was hoping for a manicure but I was supposed to make an appointment a few days earlier and I forgot! Oh well, I guess I'll get to practice colouring my nails on my own then.



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