Friday, May 18, 2012

You make me smile.

Yeah yeah.. I know I've been really quiet lately.
I even skipped a full day on twitter two days ago! ..which never happened before. I always had something to quip in a day but on the 16th.. I was absolutely quiet, I surprised myself.

Anyway, I'm sort of getting the wish I made a few blog posts ago..
My roster is really loose this month; two days of work, two days off, three days work, two days off.. Basically that's how my roster looks. And right now I am on my first day of three days off.
Super awesome.
Although I haven't gotten the chance to actually miss work.
And I know that I am not going to love the allowance I'll be getting, but I am not at all complaining.

Nothing much to update about, honestly.
I suppose I've been relatively happy. I usually write when I'm bothered anyway; when there are too many thoughts in my mind that I can't chase off with sleep.

Encem did try to convince me why I shouldn't be so sceptic of marriages yesterday. I thought that was amusing. He seemed to have this notion that it is more romantic to be married than not.
That he sees the good in me when I can't. (Reminded me of Fruits Basket somehow.. with Tohru and うめぼし)
Which is just great.. I suppose I could write down blind alongside crazy on the list of his "cons". (Which is also his "pros" list. hehe)
Sometimes I swear he sees me way too differently than what I see in the mirror everyday. Or maybe he hit his head hard that he'd forgotten all the bad things I'd done.
But I can't seem to forget. I know.. God knows all my sins.

I am thankful anyway.. I thank God everyday that I have Encem around to make me feel like I am wanted and worthy of love.
I am also thankful for you readers that made me feel like I mattered. That my life did not go unnoticed. Thank you!
Last but not least, I am thankful for creative song writers such as Justin Furstenfeld who writes melodies konon ganas tapi hati halus lyrically. hahahahha!

And could you be the one that's not afraid to look me in the eye
I swear I would collapse

if I would tell how I think you fell from the sky
My words, they pour like children to the playground
Children to the playground
-- Blue October



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