Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'm bored..

Currently in my hotel room in BKI. Just two nights ago I was in Melbourne. I got my Ice Break coffee fix; drank almost two litres of it during the 24 hours stay.

Melbourne was alright. Nothing much to do other than window shop. (Sengkek!) Plus it was Easter holidays, so the bike shops that I've heard so much about were closed. Pffft!

Bloody long flight, and my leader on the way up was the naggy type. You would think that the passenger's needs should come first but to her, it's for HER job to be done first. Oh well..

I pretty much spent the day walking around in the city all by myself.. Getting lost.. Found my way back -- until I bumped into the FO in the evening!
He showed me around the area. Good kid!

I was working in business class on the way back and boy was I glad to be with an awesome team! When I thanked them for their patience and a good flight, my steward said; you can't expect a baby to run with their first step, you let them stand first then walk...
I - just - LOVED - it!!
heehee.. Thank you God! Alhamdulillah..

Oh and for the first time the other day, I Googled a passenger! Hahahahaha! Stalker mode -- ON!
Well, I was curious because this particular passenger (Caucasian male, in his 30s) was on my 737 flight not too long ago, and when I offered him the immigration form he said he didn't need one!
Anyway, I suppose I'm a curious type of person -- when I do take an interest.

Other than that, nothing much going on in my life.
I couldn't get into my work Inbox because I took too long to change my password, so.. Padan muka. I'm going to have to write an email when I get back.. Maybe. Haha!
Recurrent next week. Not looking forward to going to class.
Airport pass expiring next month. Makes me sad, thinking that last year I had it renewed with Puyen. All my favourite work-people are in widebody now. Sigh.

Btw, Cik Saloma, if you're reading this, I am going to miss reading your blog! When you put it up as Private, terasa sentap kejap.. But I suppose I get it. Tapi sekarang terasa tak best knowing that I now have one less blog to read.
Good luck in your future endeavours, and take care!!!

Countdown to payday: THIRTEEN - FRIGGIN' - DAYS!!!
I pray that it'll be earlier than that..


s a L o m a said...

Babe. Please dont stop blogging. There're things happened in my life and i've decided to stop sharing all my experiences. Aku suka baca apa kau tulis and aku taknak kau stop. Omg.. Mata boleh berair time tulis ni. Hahahahahahahhahahahah

Anyway. Mamat caucasian yg kau google tu, ada apa2 yg menarik boleh share? Haha

Oh please tell alif tariq(eh nama dia?) QR again nak ambik secondment crew dari MH. Aku taktau korang dah tau ke tak, tapi kalau ada, try lah mintak.. Kalau dh biasa dgn environment MH, insyAllah takda masalah dgn environmet QR.. :)

Monkey's Bunny said...

Alif Iskandar Tarihhuddin nama dia.. heehee.. Akan kusampaikan kata katamu itu.

Kitorang ada diskas aritu.. something must've happened. Tapi tatau nak teka apa jadi in the first place :(
What ever it is.. I hope you're okay, sehat dan selamat.
Know that I will really miss bebelan kau tentang everything and gamba gamba misteri kau. (Sungguh aku musykil cemana anyone would know how you look like! grrr)

as for the mamat Caucasian tu.. apparently dia keje kat Malaysia (explains why dia tak perlu isi borang) CEO to one insurance company..
He might've seem younger than his real age though.. considering the details of his experience on the company's website.. HAHAHHA! *stalker gila!*

Monkey's Bunny said...

ohh pasal secondment tu, kitorang ada denga denga.. tapi entah bila lah ada opening tu.

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