Friday, April 06, 2012

Wind on my face..

I enjoyed my short break from work. Wish it had been longer..
I kinda spent more than I have to, but I have no regrets! After all, I'd spend it on a bike!
Gaya hidup sihat, katanya.
As much as I'd like to join Bestie running around the park, I'm honestly not a big fan of running. hehe.

So anyway, I bought a bike right before Encem and I drove to Cherating!
And believe it or not, we spent two days there and not once did we even sat by the beach. Sangat rugi! ughhh
We went cycling at Sungai Lembing with a few friends instead. It was a murderous route for a beginner like me. Bloody hills. I turned white countless of times and was wheezing badly. (Thank you, cigarettes!)

But it was a fun day.. After the gruelling ride, we were rewarded with a cool dip in the river!
Wishing that I could have more of that in the future..

Now, on to work..
I find myself partially indifferent towards it. It's odd. Half of me is excited that I'll be flying to Melbourne tomorrow night, while the other half is wishing that I am still on holiday.

I wish to be on a break until I start to miss flying!


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