Friday, April 13, 2012

The third year..

Pejam celik pejam celik..
Today marks the third year that I've been with the company.
Funny to think back how scruffy I was that first day. With the trainer looking directly at me and said how she believed that I must've put a lot more make up during the interviews, the bitch. (Yeah, up until today I hated the idea of seeing that lady. Mostly because of her naggy voice though. haha!)

Of course, comparing myself to Mami, she was like the rainbow. Yellow and green eyeshadow with pink lipstick. Perempuan gila. But she was pretty much one of the first friend I made. You see, that first day I didn't talk much and had absolutely no idea where I could go for a smoke! So yeah.. I didn't smoke at all that first day. But the next day Mami and I talked and she brought me to LaLa Land where Encem and the rest of the smokers were already hanging around.

I remember Encem was late that first day. Luqqy told the trainer that his car broke down but we later found out that that was a lie.. He'd simply overslept, which happened again during safety class. But of course, that time Luqqy said he ate something wrong the previous night so he's by the toilet having a bad tummy ache!
That was also his birthday, I think!
Encem and Luqqy always stick together.. even the trainers knew that.

On this date three years ago..
I simply had no idea what I was getting myself into. Never thought that I'd be where I be, or gone through what I'd gone through, seen the things I'd seen, met the people that I'd met.
I am remembering stupid things that happened while on training today..

Adi and I trying to see which one of us gets annoyed with the other first..
Encem saying that girls who smoke were sexy, that one time.. Ambik hati la tu, skarang suruh quit!
Mumu and I confessed whom we had a crush on to Bestie in the car ride to the commuter train.
Bestie and I jamming our air-drums and air-guitar to Bunkface while waiting for the train.
Mami telling us that she'd met Daddy long time ago but had only gotten close recently.
Adi's Angina Pectoris.
Luqqy always with a tissue to wipe his sweat.
Mumu and Bestie were convinced that Encem was into Mami.
Mami confessed that she'd met Daddy on Facebook! hahahahha!!
Staring contests around the table at Syed. sampai mata berair!
Toyol toyol in the exam room.. Our schemes to cheat off each other in front of the instructors..

Work-wise.. we are pretty stagnant. But I am thankful, nay, grateful that I joined the company when I did. Sure I'd probably be more stable now had I joined the company earlier. But I am grateful.
You know I'd never been about the money. Sure sure life's easier with it. I won't have to blog so much about the lack of it.

But at the end of the day, it's never the things that I own that I'm thankful for..

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Happy belated anniversary!

aand which naggy-voiced instructor? hahaha :P

Monkey's Bunny said...

hahaha thank you..

ada banyak ke naggy-voiced instructor? in my head only one comes to mind..

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