Saturday, June 22, 2002

Alright! I am officially feeling normal. After some more talking to my dearest friend, Rai.. I finally get to get back to my normal mood! Weehee!! I'm happy for myself! And.. I'm sorry for using the word 'bitch' a few times.. (but of course, I wasn't saying it to someone else.. but myself!) In Rai's opinion : "Tak seswwaaai" Hihihik! Furthermore : I'm too nice for the word! Hahhahhah!!! Such a funny thing to say. But anyhow.. thank you for reading Azraai! ^.^ Really... really... really appreciate it! Sori ek aku mental kat kau.. Hohho! Anyway, just adding a bit right here that... I don't usually curse. Even if I do, I'd only say things like.. bongok, bengong and taik.. which are not really considerable as curses.. Hik! Anyway.. saw Charmed.. and ready to talk about it!
Do not misjudge Cole! He's not what he seems to be!! Hehh.. And, well.. just expect things to be weirder and weirder ookie!! Ohhohohoh!

Current music : the Theme Song for Angel
~fantastically cool!!~


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