Friday, June 14, 2002

Okay.. now I'm feeling like going back to my mental mode!
There's this someone I know who's been really.. like.. I don't know! This person is like.. doesn't like me.. but like.. had to be around when I'm there.. Anyway, it's annoying really!! As if I want to be around this person!! Don't know what's wrong with 'em. Can't figure out if I did any wrong to this person! Crap!! Oh heck.. like I care! Lantaklah kau...
Ookie.. now, to another thing.. To those who've asked me.. "Is Dani your boyfriend?" Wei! Udahlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... You guys are cracking me up everytime you asked.. Hihhihhik! Okie, let me straighten this out. Ehem! Dani is NOT my boyfriend.. I've been hanging out with him loads 'coz we're having all our classes together..! Get real.. I've only been here for what?.. Seven weeks? That's not enough for me to even realize if I like someone! Lagipon.. if I like anyone, I'll like him for months before any thing could happen.. kan Arep, kan?? Hihhihik! Usha-mengusha adalah gayeku! Hik! So please.. stop asking me about Dani.. Coz honestly, baik minat kat Yus yang busuk tu!! Wahhahhaha!! No lahh.. Baik minat kat Bob ke.. Abang Zam ke.. Faizal ke.. GG ke.. Ohhohohohoho!!! Now.. I'm cracking myself up again.. Okay.. okay.. this one is real.. Baik minat kat Rai!! Kan Rai kan?? Rai best kan Rai? Wahhahhahha!!!!!!! Really should stop now! ^.^ But anyway, the point is.. Dani's not my boyfriend. Eh.. I've been hanging out with Juvita a lot.. why didn't you guys ask if I'm lesbian or those sort of stuff?? Hik!
Okie... please don't take me seriously.. I'm back to my mental mode since 'the person' bugs my head! Hehh..


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