Thursday, June 13, 2002

Back here again... tell you what. I'm feeling pretty lousy right now! Sad.. really.
Got to do the choir and gosh!! I was freakin' tired by the time I got onto the stage.. And the fact that I only had two practices before the real thing.. saddens me!! Anyway, must've looked horrible on the stage just now coz I was like.. smiling stupidly most of the time 'coz I don't remember the lyrics!! Dumb me! Bluerrghh!! So anyway.. something funny did happen in the theatre.. As we were all arranging ourselves on the stage, we heard someone shouted "I LOVE YOU JUVITA!' - and it was Tariq.. Hehh! So anyway, when I get to Dani he said that it was see-able that I've forgotten 'some' of the lyrics. Hehh... dumb me!
Oh yeah.. I have a small zit right at the center of my forehead! Isn't that nice..? Now I can catch Astro with it!! Bluerrghh!!
Okie.. went to the interview for Deejay Club. Hehh!! That's another silly thing I did!! Dumb me!! Felt like I should crash myself to the café downstairs!! Anyway.. not going to say anything much about it.. since it's all my fault. I mean, it's not a fault.. but my lackness! Hehh.. what ever I'm saying right here!!!
Dani was okay just now.. but I think I sucked!! No better word to describe it. So anyway.. I do feel that a certain someone is going to brainwash me when I tell him how I really feel. Though, come to think about it.. I feel that a few someone-s are going to brainwash me. AARRGHHHHH!!! Now, really should stop myself from talking so much. But then, that was the thing I should do in the interview!!! TALK!!! DUHH!! Dumb me!! Blueerrghh!!
Oh crap! Where are my friends when I needed them. Rai!!!! Miss you so much!!! (macam pakwe laa pulak!) Musz!! Waaaaaaaa!! Niez.. I need you!!! Bob.. mane Bob pegi?! Don't even mind if you want to brainwash me right away!
CRAP!! That's all what tonight's made of. Honestly.. I pity myself for cursing so much this night..
Crap!!!! Need - help - quick!!!!

Song mode : I Believe In You by Joe featuring *NSYNC


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