Monday, June 17, 2002

Just got back from class.. well, lecture actually. Anyway, woke up late this morning. If it wasn't for Fina who got back, Ana and I were sure that we'd be missing our lecture. Hihhihihik! Both of us went to sleep around five last night. Hehh..
Lecture was boring as usual.. and we were assigned with a much harder assignment! What's it about? Honestly, I am not so clear about it myself! Hihhihi.. but I guess that we were supposed to draw something that will be able to express the words that were given to us.. Ya lah.. tu lah KOT!
Anyway, as I was walking towards HB4.. I noticed this one particular pakcik stared at my way. So I looked back, and I thought.. "Oh, okay.." Coz I knew who he was.. A senior that I got to know a few weeks back. So then anyway.. he's been like.. looking at my way for a few times now.. as if he wanted to call me but no! He didn't call out my name. So now I'm wondering.. What laa pakcik ni nak? Hoe..
Okiela.. chatting with Rai right now.. wee~hee!! My friend.. long time no see or chat!! Hihhihihik!
OoO yeah.. how can I forget to report this?! I finally cut my hair!! Hahha!! Looks absolutely like the 60's! Well, naturally.. that's my hair when it's short.. Bila pendek, macam 60's.. bile panjang, cam hantu! Wee~hee!! Anyway, I'm feeling so freeeeeeeee with my new hair cut!! Feels so good!.. to crush Rai's heart by cutting my hair!! Wahhahha!! Sebokk!!


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