Friday, June 14, 2002

Aha.. okay.. My sister is coming to fetch me!! Yee~haa!! Gotta go home and do the laundry!! Anyway, this means that I better start my Fundamental project!! And.. pack my bags.. Anyway, still missing my friends.. Don't know what's wrong with me lately.. Well, actually I do! It's called Pre-Menstrual Symptoms! Hahha!! Me yang selambe.. Heck! It's not like you guys didn't study about it in Form 3!!
Anyway, thinking about cutting my hair. The thought has been bugging me lately. Rai, don't say a word!! I don't want to hear any reasons why I shouldn't cut it from you! Wek!
Okielaa.. I'll be off for the weekend and I usually restained myself from getting online when I'm at home! ^.^ Get back to you on Sunday or Monday! Hik!
Song mode : A La Clave Para Conquistarte by ...?


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