Thursday, June 13, 2002

Hehhh.. finally managed to create a real online journal! Hik! Woo~hoo!! Never felt as relief as this before! Handed in two of my assignments yesterday and the last one today!! So now, there's only one new assignment to get through.. Ihik! Yesterday was nuts! In 24 hours.. I just managed to get two and a half hours of sleep! It's crazy and I even had my choir practice last night!! Good thing I am quite free today.. I woke up at 11:30 this morning.. Hehh.. Then I went to shower.. got back and just realized that I was supposed to send in the DA assignment from noon to 1pm. Hehh, so I had to rush a bit! ^.^
Today's quite OK though.. I mean, a great burden has been lifted off my back and now I can get enough sleep! ^.^ I am going to start my new assignment tomorrow! Hik! So I won't have to rush again.. I have to say that today is such a lazy day. All day long, I was walking pretty slow.. plus, the weather was just windy.. Such a relaxing day!
Though.. I had a bit grouch over the wind today. I don't know why but I just felt like wearing my red kebaya today and.. well, there's a belah at the kain.. And so it happens.. I was walking towards Maths class with Juvita, Dani, Tariq, Apis, Yus and.. ehe.. this other boy that I don't know the name.. So then came a wind! Which kinda blew my kain to one side.. and bared my leg!! Crap really.. the guys were like teasing me!! First they teased me for wearing a kebaya (a guy and my roommates said that I'm dressed for a kenduri kawin..) and then they teased me after the wind-accident. GRR.. Tariq even said to me.. "Seriously la, tadi mase angin tadi memang best.. macam Marilyn Monroe." Crap!! Should've told my mom to sew it together!!
Ookie.. tonight would probably be a long night for me.. Going to have to perform the choir tonight and I'll most probably go for my deejay club interview tonight after the choir. I'll type in when it's all done..
..coming up later this evening..


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