Saturday, June 22, 2002

Ola! Pretty much back to my normal mode again.. But.. not really. I'd be pretty much cheerful if I'm in a normal mode.. but what I'm feeling right now is more to 'indifferent'. OoOooO yeah, I was 'mental' for a whole afternoon and know what? Feels good to be bitchy every now and then! Seriously.. I'm getting tired of being the 'little one'. Ehh ehh, don't get me wrong (especially you Abang Zam!!) What I mean is.. I like that nick, Little One (hik!) and I like it when people pampered (hehh) me.. but the problem is.. the thing that made me so mental the whole afternoon was the fact that people ignored my feelings!!! As if like.. I'm a real child.. and I won't think much of what they said or did to me. Seriously.. tak kesahlaa kalau sedare tak perasan ke dak ape sedare buat kat saye, tapi yang pasti saye terase gile! And the big problem was, I was the one who's getting crazy!!! The thing that happened in the afternoon really bugs me, even though it's not really a big deal.. but I DO HAVE FEELINGS OK!! Tolong jangan dok mainkan saye je.. Arrghh!! Tensen gak jadi manje ni ek! Bole tak kalau esok pagi Wanie bangun tido Wanie jadik bitch terus????? What a wonderful day to start with, bitch! Hahhahhahha!!! Amek kau! Keluar segala 'kemanisan' yang ade kat Wanie ni.. Ambek! AMBEKKK!!! Puas hati Wanie! Now no one would have a reason to like me at all!! Yee ha!! Senang hati!
Anyway Rai.. as usual.. thank you for being online!!!! Hihhihihi!! See you tomorrow..!! I mean.. later this day! ^.^ Can't wait to endure that Q & A session you promised! Ngee!
Ookie.. since I'm feeling much much better now.. I should go!! ^.^ So I can pack up my stuff and do a list of things I would have to do during the break! Hik!
See you guys Nina... Dida... Miss you two!! Especially after Charmed just now.. Hihhihi!


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