Monday, June 17, 2002

Grr!! I typed in a whole lot of sentences and it just disappeared!! GRR!! I am so frustrated!!
Anyway.. what I typed... hehh!! About Beckham!! Ohhohoho! Noticed the part when one of his teammates did a foul to the Denmark player? Beckham actually covered his teammate so the Danish players couldn't get to him! Aww... he's such a wonderful captain! He's good at footbal.. good at being a captain.. and he's cute!! Such a fantastic combo! Ohhohohho!!
Okie.. weekend was quite okay. Funny thing did happen when I was about to go to sleep on Saturday.. I suddenly remembered my orientation week.. Hehh! My first day to be honest.. The part when I fell right in front of the HB4 stairs.. Ohhohoo! It was hilarious.. 'Coz the first thing that came out of my lips was.. "la stupida!" Hehheh..
And then I was reminded of something else.. okay.. someone else! But... it should be secret.. heh! 'Coz then I'll be a laughing stock to someone! Ohhohoho!
So anyway.. went to the TV room few hours ago.. Spain vs. Ireland.. Gosh! It was so dramatic! My stomach was churning the whole way.. good thing Spain won in the end!! Or I'll surely bang my head again at the edge of my room's wood cupboard.. Ohhoho!
Anyway, I think I'll drop Choir Club.. Hehh..! Just realized that I've had enough ruining songs in public! Hehh.. I'll stick to singing to myself.. Hihhihik!
So then.. I'll keep the clubs which I'm not at all good at.. Theatre (horrible.. horrible..) Deejay (disaster.. disaster..) Bowling (terrible.. terrible..) and Japanese Cultural (Hahhhahh!!)
So.. anyway.. I'm enjoying my time right here.. listening to Bob's band's songs.. Hihhihik! This is so hilarious! Anyway, not the song.. I mean.. the part where something fell at the background.. Ohhohoho!!
Ohh.. okay.. Rai pakcik oi!! Jangan la harap saye nak belanje awak! Awak laa yang kena belanje!! Laki oi.. laki! Mainkanlah peranan awak tu! Ihhihihihihik!!
Okie.. Aisyah.. I still want to know where you are!! Niez in Bangi.. Musz.. uITM Perak... Arep.. hik! Shah Alam is it? Rai.. GMI (wekk!!) and Yat, UIA.. hope you guys will take care of yourselves.. no matter where you are! Okie!! Hik!
Later people! Hope the bed bugs won't get you!! (Especially to you Abang Zam..)


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