Thursday, June 20, 2002

Yee ha!! School break!! Wee hee!
Though honestly, there's nothing much promising about the break, but what the heck!! A whole week.. at home.. and TV!!! Yeeheehee!! Now, that sounds a bit more promising!!
Did that Maths quiz.. hahha!! I hope I'm just lousy at it and not 'sucked'! Hihhihi.. get me? Earlier.. in our first Maths session, I was sooooo sleepy that I did something silly in my 2 to 3 break. I bought myself a Kickapoo and Nescafé! My plan was : to get some joy in me and so that I won't be too sleepy! Hihhik! Then in the class I munched on Wrigley's gum.. Minty! And I was awake for the whole session.. and I AM more joyful now!! Hehhek!
Kesian Bob ek.. kena reject ye? Hihhihi! Jangan buat reta Wanie nyer ruler tu! Anyways, did you get to see 'her'?? ^.^
Such a weird.. weird day..! But I love it though! Hihhihi! Got to chat with Azraai.. Azraai, I luv ya'!! Hahhaha!! I just love saying that, don't I? Suddenly felt how much dependent I am. Hihhi! Told all my good friends about the stuff that's been happening around me. Cool though! At least I know I have dependable friends! Hahha!
Did a bit of thinking actually.. I realize that I was the one who 'attracts' people to tell me what to do! Hihhi! (Though I seldom listened!) Honestly, I can't really make my own decisions. I always asks people what to do next eh? Kan? Kan? So anyway.. next time.. Don't tell me what to do! Just suggest it to me! Hihhihihi!! I am soo getting freakish! Told ya' it's a weird day!
Kak Yan's been telling me some stories which made me freak out a little bit. Hihhi! Macam cite hantu! She told me about a lecturer in Beta named Che Mat. I guess he's pretty famous among the Betas since I've heard his name for like.. err.. well, I heard his named repeatedly lahh!!
Anyway.. such a fine afternoon-evening it is! Felt sooo good talking to you, Rai!!
Eh, to Hanis and Musz.. wanna start a journal together?? Hihhihi! So crazy about journals nowadays! Been checking on everyone's! Hihhi! Ookie.. I've been writing loads in here haven't I?
Better call home soon.. got to wish my sister and set up the time to go home.. Hmm.. should I go back tonight? Or tomorrow?? But there's Brazil vs. England tomorrow!! Yikes!! Want to see it!! Sape nak carik gado ngan Wanie, silekanlah sokong Brazil ye..! Really.. really.. really hope that England will win!!


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