Sunday, June 30, 2002

Just had my shower... suddenly wished that it would rain right here.. Spent a while in the shower just now.. Hihhi! Suddenly felt like playing in the rain.. since I don't get the real rain.. well, tap water is still okay! Hihhi.. Teringat mase sekolah.. bile time ujan, bebudak lain sumer gi call mak abah suruh amek.. Kite tak.. "Takpe, Papa.. Wanie balek sendiri.. weeeeeee!!" Hihhihik!
Such an empty day it is.. a good day to remember all those things.. Need to remind myself that I haven's started my English and Graphics!! But honestly.. in a day like this.. it'd be a miracle to get anything done...

Current song : Valentine by Jim Brickman with Martina McBride
~ you'd still have my heart until the end of time.. ~ ayyayyayaya.. romantikus!


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