Tuesday, June 18, 2002

Okie! Just got up from sleep.. Pretty much not awake yet to be honest..
Talking to Ahmadsyah right now. Anyway, I am really that sleepy! Wish I could go back to my sleep but that means that I'm forgetting my sketches. Oh heck! I haven't printed out my declaration form. And I don't know where I should get it!! GRR..
OoO yeah.. Italy is leading!! Woo~hoo! That's good news.. I mean, Japan lost this afternoon.. Such a heart break.. Waa! But anyway.. that means that it'll be easier to pick who to root for. Surely not Turkey!!!! Hehhe!
Anyways, this is quite a weird day for me.. Everything is just.. extreme! Extremely tired.. extremely lazy.. Extremely weird!!
Ihhihihihik! Anyway, wish I could write in more than that to explain it all.. but everything is just so extreme even right now so I should slow down.. and hmm.. laterr!!


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