Friday, June 21, 2002

I'm... I'm.. ARRGHH!!! So pissed!
Can't believe Brazil won! Well, I do believe they did win.. what I mean is.. Waaaaaaaaa!! Wanted so much for England to win!! Dahlaa sumer orang dengki ngan kecik! Hohh.. Rase cam nak ketuk kepale seko-seko.. Fuhh!! Emo tahap maksima! GRRRRRRRRRRR!! Dengan Kak Yan nyer, ngan Bob nye.. Waaaa!!! Kecik emo!!
Even my toy dolphin wants to kill itself.. It's getting ready to jump off from the window.. seriously!! Tak caye, datang laa tenok!
CRAP!!! I knew something would go wrong.. I was like too hyper in the morning and see! What happens in the afternoon?!! Such a greaaaat morning... but a crap crap afternoon!!!!! ARGGHHH!!!


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