Friday, June 21, 2002

Fed up! Fed up! Fed uppp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now I am really cursing! And know what? I am even trembling from trying to control myself from doing anything else stupid!
Even though Y!M is running smoothly right now.. please avoid yourself from messaging me if you don't want to get any rude words from me okie! Because I'm actually furious at SOMEONE and not about England and Brazil, okayyyy! So anyhow.. Not going to tell who's that person actually.. Biar aje diri ini yang tahu......
CRAP!!!! I am so angry that I wish I could just kick that person's butt!!!!!!!!!!!!
Arrghhhhhhh!!! Such a mental afternoon!!!!!

Yepp!! I am angry for real.. and joy juice doesn't work!!! So.. just let me tremble for a while than letting out all my sumpah seranah at you..!!


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