Monday, June 17, 2002

Okie.. finally had my shower! Gosh.. it's refreshing!! But my eyes are still sleepy. I can go back to sleep of course but I need to do my English work first! Anyway, I'm wondering.. why does the mornings and days in MMU are so short but the nights are soo.. soo long and dull?! Honestly, it's mind-boggling! I'm always like.. rushing and tired the whole day but when it comes to night.. it's just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo crappily slow!! Anyway, nights in MMU is so boring. I've never really had an interesting night as long as I'm in MMU. (How pathetic can it sound?)
Anyway, I have to do the skeletal thingy for English.. about someone close. So, I'm going to do Rai!! Ihhihihhik! Anyway, it was fun chatting with you Rai.. hik! It was... how should I put this.. rejuvinating! Hihhihihik! Reminds me of all sort of stuff, really.. Anyway, about the English.. typically me lah! Mase Form 4 dah buat.. kali ni buat laie! Hihhihihik!
OoO.. haven't started studying my Maths! Hoe!! It's confirmed.. I'll be having the quiz on Thursday. Aahh.. Haven't printed out the declaration form! Hik! All of a sudden I remembered of all the things I need to do.
To my non-MMU friends.. I'll be having the mid-term break starting next week!! Call me!!! Waaa!! Call!! Do call.. I only have a week of holiday, so please call!! It's just bad that we're having our holidays at different times.. Waa!
Okie.. since I've finished my Fundamental.. now I don't know what else I should do. Oh.. eh.. people! Here's an announcement. I won't be updating my website anytime soon due to lack of morale support! Hehhe.. Really sorry for those who waited. But I guess there's no point of babbling in two places, so my site will have to be left alone for a while. I need to collect some pictures first before I'll start updating the site. And of course, I have to rejuvinate my true self again!! Honestly, I am not quite myself when I'm here.. I don't know why.. Guess that it's pretty hard for me to leave behind some things from back home.. Hik! Still need my beloved friends around.. Pathetic aren't I? Mengade tak tentu pasal...
Well.. today, I was pinched quite hard by Aisha on my cheek. Minah tu.. memang ler! AISHA JAHATTTT!! Ihhihihhhihihik!
Oh heck! This is such a boring night!! And I do feel like getting sick! The dust in this room is hazardous!! Anyways, better do my homeworks..
~Yawn~ This is such a boring night that I might even study for my maths!! Wahahhaha!!
OoOh.. before I go.. get well soon Abang Zam! Hik!


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