Saturday, June 29, 2002

OoOh!! Did a bit of mistake about the holiday.. I actually had TWO interesting things that happened... well, the other one was the part when I saw The Lord Of The Rings for the third time!!! Weeeeeeee!! Kaye GSC.. Anyways, it was still entertaining! Makes me anticipating for Two Towers!! Eeeeeek!!
Anyway, as I get to online 24/7 over here.. I can actually get disappointing news more easily.. Just now.. as I was so crappily bored.. I looked up for the Rowling's fifth book's date of publish.. and guess what?! IT WAS DELAYED!!!!!!!!! So I won't get to read the fifth Harry Potter book on July!! Waaaaaaaaa!! This is so disappointing!! HONESTLY!! It's my world-shaker!! I've been waiting for it for sooooo sooooo long!! Felt like crying right away.. HOE!!!! I am so depressed!!!!! June is totally not the month for me...........


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